Project 1 - Classy Mobiles

Latest update as on 09/12/2021

Investment option closed, as the 12 units of Investment has been achieved. Thanks.


Assalaamu’alaikum brother / sister.
Hi everyone.

This content is for the prospective “Investment Partner” for Classy Mobiles:

Classy Mobiles is conceived by 8A. We offer consultancy and managerial assistance to startups.

Activities at Classy Mobiles include:
* Sales of mobile accessories- first hand.
* Sales of first hand & second hand mobile phones.
* Repairing and services for mobile phones.

Members involved in business:

1) Investment Partners:
Roles & responsibilities:
Invest money.
Give suggestions during meetings.
Help in forwarding the promotional contents.
And fulfill the legal formalities.

2) Working Partners:
Work for the business. Ensure that the purchases, sales, stock maintenance, other daily maintenance and coordination is done in order to increase the business transactions.

3) Project Manager – Managing Partner:
Designs the system and business culture. Manages the accounts. Collects all the business details and supervises. And forwards the payments to the investors, working partners and salaries. 8A does the pre-establishing business procedures through consultancy, and later becomes the Managing Partner once the project is running.

Location of the shop:
Shivajinagar or any other prominent location in Bangalore.

8A Consultancy would execute the project and install all the systems to run it.

The total capital required for this project is Rs. 7,20,000 (Seven Lakhs Twenty Thousand Only). The money will be used to give the advance for the shop, buy equipments for services, interiors, exteriors, stock of accessories – (first hand) and mobiles – (second hand mostly). The company paperwork, registration, bank account, branding, promos, marketing, staff recruitment, installation and consultation charges will all be covered through this Capex in’shaa’Allah.

Investment details:
Total 12 parts of investment.
Each part = Rs. 60,000
Profit sharing for each part is 3.3% in’shaa’Allah.
For a net monthly profit of Rs. 1 lakh, each investor would get Rs. 3,300 in’shaa’Allah.
We assume that a minimum of Rs. 1000 to be given to each investor every month. The profit can go to even Rs. 3,000 or even more in’shaa’Allah. That’s possible in’shaa’Allah. However, in case of lockdown or natural calamities, we may not be able to give any profit, if business is not generated.

The profits would be shared only after 3 months from the time of installation, since the new trade needs some time to get set.

Total Partnership Profit Share:

The Investment Partners’ collective profit share is 40%.

The Working Partners’ collective profit share is 40%.

The Managing Partner’s – 8A – Project Manager’s collective profit share is 20%.

All the finer details will be given while the Partnership Deed will be given to each partner in’shaa’Allah. The accounts will be audited. All the partners will be permanent partners. One year lock-in period. In case of voluntary exit, we allow only 3 partners in a year. And the investment amount shall be returned after 3 months from the time of exit application.
In case of loss due to business failure, the loss will be shared among the investors. If the loss is due to malpractice or fraud, then the Working Partners and the Project Manager will have to return the investors their investment money. In case of dissolution of business, the investors must be returned their investment money. And any excess wealth available then shall be distributed equally amongst the Investment Partners, Working Partners and Project Manager in’shaa’Allah. All transactions will be done through bank accounts. Transparency is guaranteed in’shaa’Allah. We hope the company to flourish in’shaa’Allah.

If you are interested to become an Investment Partner, then make the payment now to 8A consultancy and collect your receipt in’shaa’Allah.
The furnishing of Partnership deed will be done within 2 weeks time from now, provided all the 12 parts of the investment is procured.
In case of not reaching the numbers of target investors, the money collected from the investors will be returned within the 2 weeks time in’shaa’Allah.

A person may choose to own multiple units of investment in’shaa’Allah. For example: Get 3 units of investment at Rs. 1,80,000 and get a profit share of 10% partnership. That’s each unit – Rs. 60,000 × 3, that is 3.3%×3.

We wish you all the best. BaarakAllaahu Lanaa.


On Saturday, 27th of November, 2021, 11am to 1pm, we have an Online Business Network Event organized by the 8A.

LOCUS, The Market Place is a place to promote your products and services through your promos and talks on the virtual platform in'shaa'Allah.

To participate as a promoter, book a 3  minutes slot @ Rs. 300, and share your contents during the event in’shaa’Allah.

Note: Your participation is subject to the approval by the admin team.

Slots for being a Promotor is closed now.


A 4 hours, packed online workshop that will make it a memorable experience for life in'shaa'Allah. On Saturday, 20th November, 2021, 10am to 2pm.

Call or WhatsApp +91 6362838067 Enroll Now:

This online workshop is aimed at chatting with the youths to collectively orient towards building the minds with purposeful aspirations to make an impactful contribution to a progressive society.

All done in a playful and discussion mode.

All the discussions will be documented, as part of a research program that is to be published soon in'shaa'Allah.

Fee per participant: Rs. 250

The youths need to talk of their issues in a friendly atmosphere, to allow them to look into the various options that motivates them, and to choose the options that are free from harm and vice.

About Speaker:

Umar Shariff, AKA Muhammad Akbar Shariff Bin Basheer, has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and holds a Master’s degree in Islamic Studies, pursuing MSc Psychotherapy, President of Discover Islam Education Trust, CEO at Al Basheer International School & Director at Eight Angels. 

Eligibility: For both boys and girls in teenage, 13 years to 19 years age.


A One Day Workshop

In'shaa'Allah on Saturday, 6th November, 11 am to 4 pm

In'shaa'Allah will discuss the:

Attend the online workshop
Rs. 750 per participant

For Details Contact: +91 6362838067

About Speaker:

Muhammad Akbar Shariff Bin Basheer –  AKA Umar Shariff, Graduate in Business Management & Post Graduate in Islamic Studies. President of Discover Islam Education Trust. CEO of Al Basheer International School. Director of 8A – Eight Angels. 

Maashaa Allaahu Laa Quwwata Illaa Billaah 


An online course for every Undergraduate, Graduate, Employee and Jobless

Course Fee: Rs. 600

For Details Contact: +91 6362838067

“For every youth at the cross road of career, get ready for a career.. building a professional attitude.. pre-Interview preparation…Job or Business? Get established in life.”

About Nisaar Nadiadwala: He is an experienced businessman and sales strategist hosts a Career-Workouts Series to help the youth in picking the right careers and alternative skills too. This course will give you a creative and practical insight to education, career and profession.


Young Programmer – (Course 1) is designed for the school students from Class 2 to Class 6. The online course would enable them to learn the tools to make animations for game development through the program called Scratch. They will be also taught to make website designs through HTML, and later taught to convert the HTML site to mobile app. All in 7 days program, with 90 minutes session each day. The timings are convenient for the school children. Everyday from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. All that you need to provide them with is a desktop, laptop or a smart phone. 

The classes would be limited to a maximum of 10 students in a batch, to ensure that enough attention is given to each student. 

In a world that is adopting to artificial intelligence (AI) in every day to day activity, such courses will equip the young minds to imbibe the techniques and processes to produce solutions based on AI. 

The course fee is made affordable in order to reach out to the larger student base, since our objectives are to teach the children who want to learn with lots of fun and enthusiasm. 

So enroll now for the upcoming batch. Let your little children learn amazing things. Certificate of participation will be given.

For Details Contact: +91 6362838067


Course Fee: Rs. 1,999

For Details Contact:
+91 6362838067

After finishing the 1st Module – “Stock Market Training” workshop for freshers, the 2nd Module – “Stock Market Strategies” Workshop is organized to educate the participants on the finer details of the trends and fears in the Stock Market, through observing the candle-sticks and their history of movements. One can predict the rise and fall of the stock value, based on the Unique Charting Tools, Techniques & Strategies made simple for the investors. 

This special training course would enable the investors to choose the right stock with amazing trade entries & exits aiming to maximize the profits and minimize the losses. However, we cannot be 100% sure of the outcomes always. For, sometimes the predictions, calculations, and expectations may go wrong. This workshop would help the serious learner to use the techniques formulated by Dr. Faisal Choudhary, based on his 20 years of experience in the Stock Exchange. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance and would educate you through the disciplines of investing in stocks with pragmatic and prudent approaches. 


The course will give the participants the knowledge of the most influential Charting Tools, parameters & strategies to follow for catching the nearest Buying & Selling prices. However, all the decisions are to be made by the participants during trading. As part of any business endeavor, profit and loss are part of the venture. So, the one who is making the right move at the right time will make a profit, and the one who make wrong decisions can make a loss. Hence the participants must have the mindset of a businessman to indulge in the stock market trading.

Enroll Now to attend the online workshop. All the best. 


The course is purely an academic program, that works only as a platform providing information for the participants, while not engaging in giving suggestions or advice to invest in any company or to sell any particular company shares. All views expressed in the program are personal views. 8A and its subsidiaries will not bear any liability for the same.

Stock Market Training

Stock Market Training Course


Course Fee: Rs. 1,200

For Details Contact: +91 6362838067

Welcome to the Stock Market Training Workshop

The Stock Market Training workshop is to be conducted online by Dr. Faisal Choudhary, who holds a PhD in Finance, and has 20 years experience in the Stock Market. He can give the participants an easy process to invest in shares and venture into business transactions that allows one to take prudent and judicious decisions to pursue the goals of business.

One can start to invest in the shares, soon after this course. It is a huge platform to make active and passive income. Especially during this pandemic times, there are humongous opportunities to achieve success.

Disclaimer: The course is purely an academic program, that works only as a platform providing information for the participants, while not engaging in giving suggestions or advice to invest in any company or to sell any particular company shares. All views expressed in the program are personal views, and the company 8A and its subsidiaries will not bear any liability for the same.

The course will give the participants the knowledge on the functioning of the stock market system, and the process of buying and selling of shares, that would equip the learners to familiarize with the stock market trading. However, all the decisions are to be made by the participants, while buying or selling the shares. As part of any business endeavour, profit and loss are part of the venture. So, ones who are making the right moves at the right time will make profit, and others who make wrong decisions can make loss. Hence the participants must have the mindset of a businessman to indulge in the stock market trading.

During the 7 days training program, the participants have the opportunity to pose relevant questions everyday for a total period of 30 minutes after the one hour session, in order to get their doubts  clarified. Note: The doubts shall be cleared at its appropriate time during the 7 days period, according to the trainer’s understanding of the participants’ knowledge on the subject.

For any further queries, feel free to call up or WhatsApp on +91 63628 38067

We wish you all success in your journey to the stock market trading. Thank you.




Are you willing to invest in small projects?

To understand the business process and the profit share, attend the Webinar on Saturday, July 3rd, 2021 11:00 AM to 1 PM in’shaa’Allah.



Call or WhatsApp 9620020189

A 8A initiative



Eight Angels is conducting a Hijamah camp on Saturday, 3rd April, 2021

Hadees on Hijamah:

The Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease.”
[Sunan Abu Dawud Hadith No: 3861]
The Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam) said, “The Best Medicine with which You Treat Yourselves is Hijamah”
[Sahih Bukhari #5371]

Timing : 9am to 4pm

Charges : Rs 700 only (Inclusive of use & throw cups)



Training available at the studio and online.

Course Fee: Rs. 5,000