Little Stars Book 2


The Book Series “Little Stars” is written for children and beginners to Islam, to let them understand the basic teachings of Islam from its sources of knowledge, the Qur’an – the last revelation from God, and Hadeeth – the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is a series of 3 books that has stories and historical references to some events that enrich the readers with faith in God – Allah.

The books can be taught at Islamic schools during the moral education classes. The exercises and the glossary at the end of each lesson would also benefit the children in primary schools. The books contains guidance to etiquette and morals that would enable the readers understand piety and God-consciousness from the religion of Islam.


Author: Umar Shariff, (AKA Muhammad Akbar Shariff Bin Basheer) is the author of this series. He is currently doing M.A in Islamic Studies from Chennai’s Preston International College, and is a Business Grad with entrepreneurship skills. Umar Shariff is also a research person who has written other books on contemporary politics and religion.


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